Thursday, September 3, 2015

Aug 31

Hello family!
THis week has been way good! Hurlbut Shimai and I are loving our time together. Having so much fun being God servants here in Japan. Everytime we set a goal concerning Streeting we achieve it. Weather it is the number of people we invite to church(the one that actually matters) or trying to say the word "Valentine's Day" in our conversation with someone we randomly stop on the street(still invite them, but just making the conversations more fun) the other day we literally ran up to three girls pretending like we were going to run past them, but randomly stopped. Ahaha then after we talked we kept running and booked it around a corner where there was another family we (literally) ran into and got to invite them to church too! It's been great here in Hibari, really enjoying it.
We started the week off with Zone conference, was really helpful I think. I think the thing I learned most was the need for Christ to be the reason I am here. I am not hear for one thing or another, but I am here as a disciple of Jesus Christ, called to declare His word. He is the reason I am who I am today. He is the reason I can become who I can tomorrow. He is the reason that each day I can learn, progress and grow. More than anything Christ is the reason that I need to be here in Japan. I was struck by the importance of doing Gods will each day of the mission, and for daily repentance to ask the Lord to forgive me for things I was unable to do or let slip by me with a determination to be better. If I can each day make Christ the reason I am here, I won't need to worry. Not about old home or about my new home or about my future home, I can rest assured that as I do my best each day, and ask for forgiveness for the things I didn't do, that God will always provide a way. Because of Christ. 
On a lighter even more wonderful note, Kawaguchi Shimai got baptized!!! I'm so grateful that Hurlbut Shimai is STL so I could hear just the little report from Wright Shimai on the conference call. It sounds like it went so well! I'm so happy for her. I've been talking to her a little on facebook, and I could tell she was so ready, despite her nerves. What an amazing experience it has been and is to know that woman. I love her muchly. Next is Hiromi Chan then the son and husband. Soon enough they'll all be going to the temple:) 
Here in Hibari Momoka Chans (15 year old loves the gospel has taken all the lessons) mom came to the natsumatsuri!!! It was a miracle! She's been hantai against Momoka chan getting baptized for like two years now. She never wants to meet the missionaries, but because Momoka chan sang in the talent show she and her boyfriend came! She seemed to enjoy it! It was a great defining moment for her and Momoka and we are trying to set goals from here to help her mom be okay with the idea of baptism. 
Also a new investigator Sachiko San, she is doing so good! We had a great lesson with her yesterday and she's wanting to meet weekly:) she'll get baptized soon I think.
Loving the work and the people more and more each day!

Love you all!! Hope each day we can each make Christ the reason we make the choices we make, let us follow him in all things.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

June 14

Hello family! 
So I'm a happy person right about now. Anyone want to take a stab at what I ate for lunch? Mmhmm. Ya. Pizza. Haha. Wayyy to expensive, but not as bad as we thought. Our zone leader just got a call from Wada Kaicho and is getting ETed to the Bu. We're super upset. Haha but enjoyed the pizza as a little woohoo before he leaves today. He bore a powerful testimony about the power behind Heavenly Fathers love. It really is amazing. Have you ever sat down and just thought about how much He loves you? Or what that love can do? The paradox of man blows my mind. Compared to God we are literally nothing. We are the dust of the earth. But to God, we are everything. The worth of souls is great in the sight of God. I know that I am His daughter. I know that the people of Japan are His children. He has a plan for each of us. The Light of Christ is real. I've seen it touch and teach the heart of so many. With that light, we can see all that is necessary for us to walk through life. With that light we can return to that God who love us so tenderly, and lead other home with us. 

Shine your light. It's stronger than you know:)
Evans Shimai.

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June 9 2015

Hello family!!
Love and miss you all. 
Here's a picture of Marimoto and Mabel Skype!! So this is the BEST! She's Philippino and he's Japanese and they haven't had the best relationship but we can see it growing as they learn about the gospel. They're actually the elders investigators, but now half ours as Mabel need all the lessons again in English cause her English is better than her Japanese. BUT she's obviously best at Tagalog. So recently toget them together we've been sloping with the, just reading the Book of Mormon, they are SO fun together, definitely highlight of week. She reads in Tagalog he reads in Japanese and we read in English, it's AMAZING!!ly difficult..and amazing how the spirit can be there. He is the only one who speaks all three languages.

Japanese prophecies. Wow. There are so many amazing prophecies about the Japanese mission since it opened. It will open up the other orientalist countries(true! Korea!! Here we come all of China!) there will be a Japanese apostle in the 12..WHAT?!?! YOSH!!!

Miracles: Mabel's Skype, meeting people who are interested! Running into people were going looking for. TEMPLE!!! Felt like I was home, feared up quite s bit, it's SO AMAZING how the church is the same EVERYWHERE you go. That no matter where you are, you can find home in the gospel. That has been a wonderful comfort to me here on the otherwise of the world.

Kawaguchi shimai. This is where the challenge comes in. Oh man, so scared and almost excited about this, haha. So Kawaguchi Shimai had almost she wanted to be baptized end o this month, but her husband is super hantai and when she told him he said N O and she couldn't even come to church on Sunday. Super sad. So we just got together with her to see how she's doing with it all, ended up having a REALLY a good discussion where both Fuggle Shimai and I recognized the gift of tongues present in that room. We found out she doesn't have a testimony of the restoration. Okay. Stop right? Haha it was a good thing that this month didn't happen. Haha. So side story, I've been reading the Book of Mormon front to cover during the time I'm being trained. So I had the math figured out that you can read it in 12 weeks by reading a 3chapters a day. Sooooo we challenged Kawaguchi Shimai to do this, then for some reason and some how we said we would do it with Japanese. Need I remind you....I don't speak Japanese. Haha but o committed to it. I told her I'd do it! And now I'm telling you. Man, that's so scary right? But I knew then and I know now that the Lord is going to help me, and her. Together this experience is going to change our lives. So here I want to ask for your help and support in this 12 week challenge. Will you read the Book of Mormon cover to cover with me for he next 12 weeks, with a question like Kawaguchi Shimai's in mind, praying before and after study each day about your question.  Then the day we finish, pray. With all fervency of soul that the our Father in Heaven will answer yours, and each of our questions? Don't worry my challenge gets harder. Will you do this is the language you spoke on your mission? Weather your "mission" was 4 years of high school, or two years in Artemtina, what ever you think your "mission" has been, the language you spoke, will you read with me(read or listen to a recording)? I know this is a challenging all challenges should be.but feel free to change the expectations around to fit your own needs and abilities. I know The lord will bless you in your efforts. We start on Wednesday:) the 11. 

I love you all. Remember as I strive to remember that with the Lord we can do all things.


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sister Evans' New Address

Sister Laurel Evans' New Address:

Sister Laurel Evans
Japan Tokyo South Mission
1-7-7 Kichijoji Higashi-cho
Musashino-shi, Tokyo

June 1, 2015

Hello everyone!!!!

I've been in this country for two weeks now!!! Hahaha I'm so new but I'm sure learning to love it. 

everything is jelly here. I've eaten so much jelly. Don't know how I feel about that... Also had kelp and peppers this week😝 good experience. Nasty. 
Crepe yum!!
There's wheels on the tuperwear....
I sleep on a futon! 
When you flush a toilet water comes out the top as a sink to wash your hands...GENIUS!!

Japanese got pretty hard on me this week. I felt like there was a lot I couldn't do. But the ward is so good at building me up, making me feel loved. These past few days we've been able to get out and dendo a little more which was really nice. It's funny to think that when we were "not lost" in the dark and in the rain, housing, was when I was the most happy. (It helped that this sweet lady came out and saw us soaking and gave us umbrellas) standing on porches, soaking, asking people to learn of Christ, I remembered that I a missionary! That's AMAZING! I love it. It's crazy. I have no idea what is going on about 90% of the time. But the Lord blesses me to "make weak things strong" there was a cool moment on the train today when I sat down, and simply opened my mouth. I (by myself, for maybe the first time in Japan leading the whole thing), got to talk to a girl who was just heading home from school. In the MTC our "Progressing Investigator"s name was Kitamura San, I learned so much from teaching that kid. He was "baptized" the day we said goodbye to that teacher. With tears in all of our eyes, he made me promise that I would find my Kitamura, my eternal best friend who I can bring to the knowledge of their Redeemer, and Savior Jesus Christ. So on the train, this girl said she DOES believe in God and Jesus Christ. She said she believes that through them we can be happy! I got to testify of that and told her that that is what our message is all about. I asked if she wanted to learn more, and she said YES!! Hahah I freaked out and didn't know what to do, so just smacked Fuggle Shimai "help me!! She wants to learn more!!" Haha I think I really freaked her out. Haha she didn't end up taking the Book of Mormon, or giving us her number. But the cool thing was that her name was Kitamura San. Even though she most likely won't be "My Kitamura" it was a good reminder afterwords that there is someone out there waiting for me to bring them back to the knowledge that we have a Savior, and there IS a plan, more grander than we can imagine. 

 I sure love each of you. Thank you for all of your wonderful examples.
Evans Shimai

Ps. Challenge!! Talk to three people you don't know this week. Smile, and remember the blessings you receive each day
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May 28, 2015

Sorry I am posting this late.  Laurel made it safety to Japan and seems to be loving it! Feel free to write her anytime.  Her new address is at the bottom and I will post it separately as well!
Hello family! 
I'm in the place they call the land of the raising sun (very fitting because I keep waking up with the sun long before 6:30) it for sure does not seem real that I am literally on the other side of the world right now! Pretty crazy. The travels were all good and easy! Bangerter, Norris, Suzuki, Watanabe Shimai and I all came in absolutely exhausted, we almost walked right by our President who was standing outside of costumes. We got to the homebu and had spaghetti! Haha no fish! I was pretty excited. The next few days were filled with trainings! I met my trainer sister Fuggle on Thursday! And came to my bean area Kamiooka. We had a lesson right off the bat! It was way good and the spirit was so strong. And she spoke a lot of English so that was super nice. These past few days have been so hard and so good. 
In the words of a fellow missionary here in Japan
Housing is one of those  funny things. Housing is pretty
funny cuz they have a kekko box. You ring the door bell and then they
can see you and talk to you through that box and it's called the kekko
box because they usually say kekko which means no thanks. It's so
Ditto. Hahah we've not really had to much time to house though, just like an hour one day, we've just had so many appointments which has been solo good! The ward here is sooo nice and so helpful. They are all loving and patient and encouraging with my Japanese, this is such a wonderful first area to have. The Lord knows me well. He loves me and is aware. 

I'll answer a question are for those interested
your companion and where is she from? Fuggle Shimai, she's has 3 more transfers from Australia, she has been in this stake her entire mission, haha she loves the people and the language. From Australia.
2. What is your apartment like? So nice! Over a carioki bar so that's fun at night. Haha
3. How many sisters live in your apartment?2
4. How many missionaries are in your zone? Not sure...haha I think 20?
5. What was your first meal? Spaghetti,,,haha
6. Your first lesson??? See above
7. How was your plane ride over?  Good! Haha slept a lot
8. Are any of your batch in your same zone? No:(
9. How is your mission president and his wife? Love them!
10. Do you have any senior couples in your area? Yes but haven't met them
11. How was church? Did they have you share your testimony? Yes hahaha my head hurt at the end of those 4 hours of Japanese. Hahaha
12. Are you in a branch or a ward? Not sure....ward? Hahaha its a good size.

Music😊😊 I get to listen to music now!!!! I love it. Haha

The toilets here are nuts. Seat warmers. Pink sented toilet paper...hahaha

I want you all to know that I love this gospel, I love my Savior and my Father in Heaven. Help the missionaries in your ward, give them your love, they may not remember your name the first few times, but they're trying.
I love you all. This church is so true. Many hugs and kisses.
Evans Shimai

Ps. My homebu address

Sister Laurel Evans
1-7-7 Kichijoji Higashi-cho
Musashino-shi, Tokyo

Friday, May 1, 2015


Another one bites the dust!
2 1/2 weeks left here! Its crazy...going by too slow and too fast. I'm not ready to leave yet. But I'm excited for the experiences awaiting me, and honestly really excited to meet my mission president and his wife. 
Just a clarification for the 78 e-mails I got concerning the validity of our investigators, sorry to disappoint, we just teach our teachers. haha but they take on the role of one of their kyudoshia from Japan, and act like they don't remember the lessons when they are our "real teachers" no english help, only nihongo.  Its been amazing to learn that role-play really is the way the Lord teaches His missionaries. I have learned SO much in these experiences, and it has helped my Japanese a ton! I feel the spirit so strong on a daily because of this opportunity we have to testify of the truth even just to our teachers.

We got Kohai(younger classmates) this week! and also last week Sister Bascom came in across the hall! Its a lot of fun to see how much we have grown in the past 6 weeks, but also is such an amazing opportunity to reach out to these atarashi sankyoshi, who are feeling the exact same way I was just a month ago, f i n e...(somebody know what that stands for? Caugh..Alyssa? Brooke? HEather? JONATHAN?) 

Not too much happened other than that this week. My companions and I, and all the missionaries in our branch are all mentally and physically exausted. But we've  been working hard, and really trying to not plateau in our language these last few weeks here. I am so blessed with the teachers, companions and district I was given. I know that the Lord is so mindful. He loves us all. Everything anyone says can tie back to a gospel truth. Use it. 

Mind blowing scripture this week?
Romans 8. Read it. Love it. Share it.

Much love and missing,
Evans Shimai

Sunday, April 26, 2015

One of Laurel's good friend had a great idea to write Laurel a letter that will be waiting for her when she gets to Japan.  Here is Sister Evans' address if you want to do the same or just for the future:

Office Mailing Address
1-7-7 Kichijoji Higashi-cho
Musashino-shi, Tokyo


April 23 2015
Hello Family and loved ones!
This week I memorized both baptismal commitments, and almost have Joseph Smith's first vision down. What a wonderful experience that was. Prior to learning the baptismal commitments, we had a lesson we were a little nervous about, because we didn't have any prep time. But we had been praying all day for the lesson and Kitamurason. It was such a powerful lesson in which, the spirit was so strong. I know that it was 100% due to the fact that heavenly Father is so mindful. We asked him how his prayers had been going, and he said he hadn't really felt anything. "Have a made mistakes in my prayers, am I doing it wrong?" my heart broke a little, but was filled with spirit as we were able to testify that Heavenly Father DOES answer prayers. We just have to listen. We invited him to pray right then, ask Heavenly Father if He loves him, then listen. The spirit was so strong. In that moment We all felt the love that Heavenly Father has for Kitamura, and for each of us individually. We told him that through baptism he could have the spirit with him always, and asked him if he would be baptised with very impolite unknowledgable nihongo. Demo the spirit was so strong, he said yes, and we have been preparing him for this sacred ordinance. Immediately after the lesson, I went and memorized the proper commitment. hahah I hope to use it in our next lesson with Aoyagison, our other investigator. We're teaching the restoration tomorrow! I'm so excited. I've had so many powerful opportunities to ponder Joseph Smith's story. We've been working on memorizing the first vision like I said, and sang, "Oh How Lovely Was The Morning" durring tuesday's devotional. The spirit again so powerfully testified to me that Joseph Smith truly saw God the Father and His son. That they appeared to him in a grove of trees and spake to him. Through Joseph Smith Kamisama was able to reestablished His church, the same church He set up when He was on the Earth. The priesthood is here, and we can see those same miracles. 
Kono Kyokai wa shinjitsu da to shitaimasu.
Much love to you all,
Evans Shimai

PS Holy cow. This was something I was just blown away by. My companion Sister Norris has alopecia which is a super rare case that basically just kills all of your hair. Shes 100% healthy. Anyway. She had never met anyone her age with the same condition before. Then a few weeks ago, we met an elder going to argentina who has it! She was SOO excited! "HOLY COW I FOUND MY TWIN!!!!!! I NEVER THOUGHT!" It was such a cool experience. But then it got even cooler. Somehow "either alopecia or God knew" a Nihonjin with alopecia came last week!!! "WHAT THE HECK WHAT THE HECK WHAT THE HECK!" for like 30 minutes. hahaha she was so happy. it was such a cool experience. It was a testiment to me that the Lord is SO mindful. Of Each individual. If we look around, we are never alone.

Friday, April 17, 2015


THis week of all the weeks difinitesly flew by the fastest. Every week I say, "I can't believe its Pday again!" But this week....I REALLY CANT believe its pday again!!! hahaha It went by so fast I wonder what happened that would be worth telling, but as I think through the days I remember the many wonderful opportunities and blessings the Lord has given me. We...well I guess not we, but the other Japanese zone got knew kyohai, or younger classmates. There's only 5 of them! They are so fun. We love having them around. But the amazing thing about having them here is recognizing the growth that we as a district, and each one of us individually have made. We have been here 4 weeks. We can testify of Jesus Christ, His atonement, our Father's love, all in JAPANESE. We can meet strangers and teach them that they have a Savior, that they have a Father in Heaven who loves them! We can teach them how to pray so they can feel that love! That was probably the best night on my mission thus far. We have TRC every monday night where Japanese speaking members come, and we just have a short 20 minute member lesson in Japanese. But this monday, we were told that the girls we'd be teaching in TRC were not members of the church, but were foreign exchange students from Tokyo! They were here just for a semester. They church set up a program that allows them to meet with families, not to share the gospel, but simple to allow them to better understand the American culture, and have the opportunity to be in a family environment when they are away from home for so long. Anyway. Benjamin, the father of the host family served in Japan many years ago, took Miho and Ana to church on sunday and they met the missionaries. When they heard that americans were learning Japanese to go to Japan, they wanted to know where and what and how and what it was like to be a missionary. He took them to TRC. Because they live in Tokyo, we were giving the opportunity to teach them. It was amazing. We just got to know them a little bit, their religious background, what they knew about Jesus Christ (very limited, "Jesus gave bread to people so they wouldn't get hungry"). We told them we wanted to teach them a little bit more about God and His son Jesus Christ, and asked if we could start with a prayer. They were SO excited about hearing a prayer in Japanese, they said they had hear a prayer for the first time on sunday but loved hearing one in their language. We told them a little bit about prayer, that it is a communication with God. That He wants to hear from all of His children. Then we taught them how to pray!! Miho prayed for the first time in her life. IT was SO COOL to be a part of that experience. We got to SYL with them for a little bit after and they said that when we get to Japan they are going to come to church with us. Oh man. IT was a wonderful reminder that we are oging to be teaching REAL people. What a sacred blessing from heavenly father to meet those two wonderful girls. I know this work is the Lord's work, there is no other way that my Japanese and the Japanese of my companions would have sufficed. I love this gospel. I have such a powerful testimony of prayer. It is ALWAYS there for us.

I love you all.
Evans Shimai.

PS. Volcal Point came last sunday! and then BYU Men's chorus came this sunday!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Here is Laurel's MTC Address if you want to write her or one of her companions:

Sister Laurel Evans
2009 N900E  unit 127
Provo UT 84602

Happy Easter

Oh how time flies by SO quickly here. Every day, and week now, is just zipping by. Slowly....but fastly. hahah just like everyone said it would I have come to recognize that everyone's advice was pretty much true. It's just as hard as everyone says. It's just as fun as some people said too. The Mission has brought so many tears and joys and sorrows and knowledge in these past two weeks. Its hard for me to sit down and tell you how life is going as it seems it is all just going by so quickly. It's truly amazing to recognize how much I have learned in these past 15 days. I can teach a lesson not a very good one:P) without writing down sentences going into the lesson. We teach everyday. Nihongo is becoming such a wonderful tool. one that i am not quite sure how to use yet. but It has become so clear to me that if we prepare and teach withthe spirit, than the Lord will allow our broken nihongo to touch the hearts of those who we teach.
I know this church is true. 

I know He loves us. 
I know He loves you.
I know He lives.
Please remember all that he does for you. He is mindful. 

I pray for all of you.
Much love,
Evans Shimai.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Here is Laurel's first letter.  She has almost been at the MTC for a week now only a year and half to go!

Ohio gon zai mas....cause thats probably spelt right ;) 
They told me all I could say is that I'm alive!

So...I'm alive!!

My P-Day is Thursday! So I'll see alyssa next thursday!!

my MTC Address is 
Sister Laurel Evans
2009 N900E  unit 127
provo UT 84602

Love you all!!!!
Evans Shimai