Thursday, September 3, 2015

Aug 31

Hello family!
THis week has been way good! Hurlbut Shimai and I are loving our time together. Having so much fun being God servants here in Japan. Everytime we set a goal concerning Streeting we achieve it. Weather it is the number of people we invite to church(the one that actually matters) or trying to say the word "Valentine's Day" in our conversation with someone we randomly stop on the street(still invite them, but just making the conversations more fun) the other day we literally ran up to three girls pretending like we were going to run past them, but randomly stopped. Ahaha then after we talked we kept running and booked it around a corner where there was another family we (literally) ran into and got to invite them to church too! It's been great here in Hibari, really enjoying it.
We started the week off with Zone conference, was really helpful I think. I think the thing I learned most was the need for Christ to be the reason I am here. I am not hear for one thing or another, but I am here as a disciple of Jesus Christ, called to declare His word. He is the reason I am who I am today. He is the reason I can become who I can tomorrow. He is the reason that each day I can learn, progress and grow. More than anything Christ is the reason that I need to be here in Japan. I was struck by the importance of doing Gods will each day of the mission, and for daily repentance to ask the Lord to forgive me for things I was unable to do or let slip by me with a determination to be better. If I can each day make Christ the reason I am here, I won't need to worry. Not about old home or about my new home or about my future home, I can rest assured that as I do my best each day, and ask for forgiveness for the things I didn't do, that God will always provide a way. Because of Christ. 
On a lighter even more wonderful note, Kawaguchi Shimai got baptized!!! I'm so grateful that Hurlbut Shimai is STL so I could hear just the little report from Wright Shimai on the conference call. It sounds like it went so well! I'm so happy for her. I've been talking to her a little on facebook, and I could tell she was so ready, despite her nerves. What an amazing experience it has been and is to know that woman. I love her muchly. Next is Hiromi Chan then the son and husband. Soon enough they'll all be going to the temple:) 
Here in Hibari Momoka Chans (15 year old loves the gospel has taken all the lessons) mom came to the natsumatsuri!!! It was a miracle! She's been hantai against Momoka chan getting baptized for like two years now. She never wants to meet the missionaries, but because Momoka chan sang in the talent show she and her boyfriend came! She seemed to enjoy it! It was a great defining moment for her and Momoka and we are trying to set goals from here to help her mom be okay with the idea of baptism. 
Also a new investigator Sachiko San, she is doing so good! We had a great lesson with her yesterday and she's wanting to meet weekly:) she'll get baptized soon I think.
Loving the work and the people more and more each day!

Love you all!! Hope each day we can each make Christ the reason we make the choices we make, let us follow him in all things.