Friday, May 1, 2015


Another one bites the dust!
2 1/2 weeks left here! Its crazy...going by too slow and too fast. I'm not ready to leave yet. But I'm excited for the experiences awaiting me, and honestly really excited to meet my mission president and his wife. 
Just a clarification for the 78 e-mails I got concerning the validity of our investigators, sorry to disappoint, we just teach our teachers. haha but they take on the role of one of their kyudoshia from Japan, and act like they don't remember the lessons when they are our "real teachers" no english help, only nihongo.  Its been amazing to learn that role-play really is the way the Lord teaches His missionaries. I have learned SO much in these experiences, and it has helped my Japanese a ton! I feel the spirit so strong on a daily because of this opportunity we have to testify of the truth even just to our teachers.

We got Kohai(younger classmates) this week! and also last week Sister Bascom came in across the hall! Its a lot of fun to see how much we have grown in the past 6 weeks, but also is such an amazing opportunity to reach out to these atarashi sankyoshi, who are feeling the exact same way I was just a month ago, f i n e...(somebody know what that stands for? Caugh..Alyssa? Brooke? HEather? JONATHAN?) 

Not too much happened other than that this week. My companions and I, and all the missionaries in our branch are all mentally and physically exausted. But we've  been working hard, and really trying to not plateau in our language these last few weeks here. I am so blessed with the teachers, companions and district I was given. I know that the Lord is so mindful. He loves us all. Everything anyone says can tie back to a gospel truth. Use it. 

Mind blowing scripture this week?
Romans 8. Read it. Love it. Share it.

Much love and missing,
Evans Shimai