Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Happy Easter

Oh how time flies by SO quickly here. Every day, and week now, is just zipping by. Slowly....but fastly. hahah just like everyone said it would I have come to recognize that everyone's advice was pretty much true. It's just as hard as everyone says. It's just as fun as some people said too. The Mission has brought so many tears and joys and sorrows and knowledge in these past two weeks. Its hard for me to sit down and tell you how life is going as it seems it is all just going by so quickly. It's truly amazing to recognize how much I have learned in these past 15 days. I can teach a lesson not a very good one:P) without writing down sentences going into the lesson. We teach everyday. Nihongo is becoming such a wonderful tool. one that i am not quite sure how to use yet. but It has become so clear to me that if we prepare and teach withthe spirit, than the Lord will allow our broken nihongo to touch the hearts of those who we teach.
I know this church is true. 

I know He loves us. 
I know He loves you.
I know He lives.
Please remember all that he does for you. He is mindful. 

I pray for all of you.
Much love,
Evans Shimai.

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