Tuesday, June 2, 2015

May 28, 2015

Sorry I am posting this late.  Laurel made it safety to Japan and seems to be loving it! Feel free to write her anytime.  Her new address is at the bottom and I will post it separately as well!
Hello family! 
I'm in the place they call the land of the raising sun (very fitting because I keep waking up with the sun long before 6:30) it for sure does not seem real that I am literally on the other side of the world right now! Pretty crazy. The travels were all good and easy! Bangerter, Norris, Suzuki, Watanabe Shimai and I all came in absolutely exhausted, we almost walked right by our President who was standing outside of costumes. We got to the homebu and had spaghetti! Haha no fish! I was pretty excited. The next few days were filled with trainings! I met my trainer sister Fuggle on Thursday! And came to my bean area Kamiooka. We had a lesson right off the bat! It was way good and the spirit was so strong. And she spoke a lot of English so that was super nice. These past few days have been so hard and so good. 
In the words of a fellow missionary here in Japan
Housing is one of those  funny things. Housing is pretty
funny cuz they have a kekko box. You ring the door bell and then they
can see you and talk to you through that box and it's called the kekko
box because they usually say kekko which means no thanks. It's so
Ditto. Hahah we've not really had to much time to house though, just like an hour one day, we've just had so many appointments which has been solo good! The ward here is sooo nice and so helpful. They are all loving and patient and encouraging with my Japanese, this is such a wonderful first area to have. The Lord knows me well. He loves me and is aware. 

I'll answer a question are for those interested
your companion and where is she from? Fuggle Shimai, she's has 3 more transfers from Australia, she has been in this stake her entire mission, haha she loves the people and the language. From Australia.
2. What is your apartment like? So nice! Over a carioki bar so that's fun at night. Haha
3. How many sisters live in your apartment?2
4. How many missionaries are in your zone? Not sure...haha I think 20?
5. What was your first meal? Spaghetti,,,haha
6. Your first lesson??? See above
7. How was your plane ride over?  Good! Haha slept a lot
8. Are any of your batch in your same zone? No:(
9. How is your mission president and his wife? Love them!
10. Do you have any senior couples in your area? Yes but haven't met them
11. How was church? Did they have you share your testimony? Yes hahaha my head hurt at the end of those 4 hours of Japanese. Hahaha
12. Are you in a branch or a ward? Not sure....ward? Hahaha its a good size.

Music😊😊 I get to listen to music now!!!! I love it. Haha

The toilets here are nuts. Seat warmers. Pink sented toilet paper...hahaha

I want you all to know that I love this gospel, I love my Savior and my Father in Heaven. Help the missionaries in your ward, give them your love, they may not remember your name the first few times, but they're trying.
I love you all. This church is so true. Many hugs and kisses.
Evans Shimai

Ps. My homebu address

Sister Laurel Evans
1-7-7 Kichijoji Higashi-cho
Musashino-shi, Tokyo

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