Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 1, 2015

Hello everyone!!!!

I've been in this country for two weeks now!!! Hahaha I'm so new but I'm sure learning to love it. 

everything is jelly here. I've eaten so much jelly. Don't know how I feel about that... Also had kelp and peppers this week😝 good experience. Nasty. 
Crepe cake...um yum!!
There's wheels on the tuperwear....
I sleep on a futon! 
When you flush a toilet water comes out the top as a sink to wash your hands...GENIUS!!

Japanese got pretty hard on me this week. I felt like there was a lot I couldn't do. But the ward is so good at building me up, making me feel loved. These past few days we've been able to get out and dendo a little more which was really nice. It's funny to think that when we were "not lost" in the dark and in the rain, housing, was when I was the most happy. (It helped that this sweet lady came out and saw us soaking and gave us umbrellas) standing on porches, soaking, asking people to learn of Christ, I remembered that I a missionary! That's AMAZING! I love it. It's crazy. I have no idea what is going on about 90% of the time. But the Lord blesses me to "make weak things strong" there was a cool moment on the train today when I sat down, and simply opened my mouth. I (by myself, for maybe the first time in Japan leading the whole thing), got to talk to a girl who was just heading home from school. In the MTC our "Progressing Investigator"s name was Kitamura San, I learned so much from teaching that kid. He was "baptized" the day we said goodbye to that teacher. With tears in all of our eyes, he made me promise that I would find my Kitamura, my eternal best friend who I can bring to the knowledge of their Redeemer, and Savior Jesus Christ. So on the train, this girl said she DOES believe in God and Jesus Christ. She said she believes that through them we can be happy! I got to testify of that and told her that that is what our message is all about. I asked if she wanted to learn more, and she said YES!! Hahah I freaked out and didn't know what to do, so just smacked Fuggle Shimai "help me!! She wants to learn more!!" Haha I think I really freaked her out. Haha she didn't end up taking the Book of Mormon, or giving us her number. But the cool thing was that her name was Kitamura San. Even though she most likely won't be "My Kitamura" it was a good reminder afterwords that there is someone out there waiting for me to bring them back to the knowledge that we have a Savior, and there IS a plan, more grander than we can imagine. 

 I sure love each of you. Thank you for all of your wonderful examples.
Evans Shimai

Ps. Challenge!! Talk to three people you don't know this week. Smile, and remember the blessings you receive each day
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